Spirit of Isis - healing
Greetings in Love and Light!
In the spirit of the Egyptian Goddess Isis, who put back together the dismembered pieces of her husband's body Osiris and brought him back to life, we are committed to channeling the higher vibrational energy and frequency needed to support you in removing any energy blockages hindering you from living the full potential of your soul's mission so that you too can feel "alive" again.
We offer a variety of spiritual healing modalities such as IET (Integrated Energy Therapy®) with crystals, Akashic Record Consultations, Holographic Sound Healing with crystal bowls, Mayan/Aztec Sacred Geometry (Light Language), Crystal grids, Herbal Remedies and Shamanic Power Animal Retrievals.
Whether you are unhappy with your life, your relationships, your job, you have suffered an emotional trauma in your life or past life, you have manifested a dis-ease in your body or you have always felt "something" is wrong with you and you've never known why.   We can support you in transcending these issues with our services.  You can bring yourself back into balance, harmony and peace.  You have the power to manifest a healthy body, mind and spirit and make your dreams a reality.  We are here to support you in the self-healing process. 
Maria C. Bowen, Temple of Horus, Kom Ombo, Egypt
Please feel free to contact us.
512.826.7832 or sisrazteca@hotmail.com
All thanks and praises to the Healing Angels of the Energy Field, the Bolon Tiku, the Hathors, my Ancestors, the Masters and Ascended Masters,  Teachers,  loved ones,  spirit guides,  power animals,  Sacred Mother Earth (Pachamama) and Heavenly Father Yahweh, the Mayan Council of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and México and all the Original Tribes of our precious Earth.  WE ARE ONE!!!
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